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  • How do I register/add new students?
    Before you can start using the App you already registered and created a first account. You can also add new students or users that will be using the App for a more personalized learning experience. Tap/Click Settings button at the bottom of the App and Tap/Click Add User then select the grade level the student belongs to and click Next button and enter registration details. Tap/Click Next button to complete the registration.
  • Can I personalize my profile settings?
    Yes. Go to Settings and Tap/Click User Profile button. You can personalize your profile by adding a profile picture which will appear always when you login.
  • Is MsingiPACK App content offline?
    Yes. The content is accessible anywhere anytime with no internet connection and no charges incurred to access the interactive digital content once you activate on your device..
  • How do I access MsingiPACK digital content?
    You can access content in the App from the Home button. Tap/Click to select the subject to open.
  • How do I contact MsingiPACK?
    You contact MsingiPACK through our technical support email support@msingipack.com, Telephone contact +254111044600 or go to our website www.msingipack.com
  • Why do I need to provide registration details during activation/sign up?
    Registration details during activation and registration will enable us to support you through phone contact or email provided. Please ensure the registration details are accurate. You will also receive notifications on latest news, products and updates from MsingiPACK.
  • How do I manage students/users in MsingiPACK?
    Go to Settings and Tap/Click Manage User. Select the User from the list and edit the details including changing password and Tap/Click Save.
  • How do I update MsingiPACK?
    You will receive notifications with instructions on how to update MsingiPACK. This will be done via your registered email or notification icon available in the App if you are online and connected to the internet.
  • How do I switch between grades?
    Without closing the application you can switch from one grade level to another. Tap/Click Switch Grade button at the bottom of your screen and Tap/Click Switch button. You will get a confirmation message and now you will be able to access the grade level.
  • How do I reset my password?
    To rest your password enter your username in the login screen and Tap/Click the forgot password. Your password will be reset and will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Please note it down and use it to login. If you wish to put a new password go to the settings menu and select Manage User.
  • Forgot your username?
    If you cannot remember your username, Tap/Click on the Help button at the bottom of the screen. Enter the phone number used during the registration process and click the Confirm button. This will not only reset the password but also retrieve your username.
  • What are the minimum system requirements to run MsingiPACK App?
    MsingiPACK App is designed and optimized to work in most android devices. NOTE: for best results and a good learning experience we recommend the following minimum specifications. Android 6x or higher Phone dimensions: 5.75 x 2.78 screen size. 2GB RAM 16GB Internal Storage Audio/Sound Enabled
  • How do I log out?
    You can logout from the by Tapping/Clicking your profile at the top of the screen and Tap/Click Logout. Once you confirm your session will close and ready for login again. To close the application use the normal Android control to close the App completely.

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